“leaving”: A CSD PH 2018 tape release

leaving tape

“leaving” is our limited edition Cassette Store Day exclusive tape release for 2018, featuring music from 13 local musicians around the Philippines. It includes tracks from Grrl Cloud, Cody and the Jet Skis, ~sohee, .wendil, ビクター MKII, Andrea Micheline, Jay Jao, savedhistory, QUESTKITTY, selective hypnosis, Hans Canteras, False Apart, and joe-chu.

The concept behind the title “leaving” is that it was formed during a time when a lot of letting go was happening, both literally and emotionally. People around us were going through changes. Some were finding themselves; others getting lost.

At the forefront, our good friend joe-chu was leaving the country for Australia—something against his will and, as a result, caused him great distress. This is also why his track falls last on the compilation.

All twenty copies of the cassette were launched and sold out during our Cassette Store Day event, and all proceeds were donated to the Save Palawan Seas Foundation.

Listen to the album here:

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