Astral Exploris the First: A retrospective

The Genjitsu Stargazing Society’s first Astral Exploris was held last December 7, 2016. It was a beautifully enlightening experience for the soul. The feeling of being in the moment allowed for disconnection from a place of toxicity. Stepping into the main area and feeling the rush of water going hand in hand with the rush from the inside left us feeling refreshed, brand new, and once again at peace with the natural world.

While surrounded by the elements, we knowingly whispered to ourselves, “The universe is ours”—a statement not meant to claim ownership, but rather, something to affirm our oneness with life and what flows through and around it. The universe is us, and we are the universe.

In general society, you’ll find people who abuse nature for their selfish gain. Some claim to know what they’re doing when, in fact, they do not. There are also people who use nature to mask their insecurities by flaunting for show and, sometimes, only on the surface level. They go so far as to claim to know what they’re doing when, in fact, they do not. They might even end up hurting others in the process. These acts are wrong and should never be tolerated.

Apart from these individuals, we also live in a place where what seems to matter is trivial, and most will drive you to the corner for thinking so.

In the midst of all this chaos, what we really need to keep at heart is purity and love. It might be almost impossible to achieve at the moment, but at least we still have each other. For the few who understand but are consistently outcasted, reconnection is what will keep us going. We hope you never lose sight of the light.

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