Listen to joe-chu’s ethereal new song, “Astro Soul”

astro soul album art

Having just moved to Australia from the Philippines, the enigmatic producer/guitarist joe-chu has barely adjusted, and yet here we are with a brand new single, planned as part of a future body of work.

The song, “Astro Soul,” features the musician finding their place in the world, with Josh Ebrada of Mrs. Fin contributing vocals and lyrics.

With an intro akin to entering the gates of life, which then transitions into a catchy riff with trance-inducing melodies, the piece is reassurance you’re not alone in dark times.

“This is definitely one of my favorites,” shares joe-chu. “My talented collaborator and I wrote about a soul trying to get around in the world.”

The complementary album art was done by pocketbluu (aka Mika Manikan).

“Astro Soul” is available for streaming and purchase here.

~Words by Kurvine Anna Chua

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