Brazil-based Linearwave rebels through anonymity and escape

Linearwave is the alias of a certain downtempo producer from São Paulo, Brazil. They prefer to keep their identity a secret, putting focus instead on the music. Despite coming from a different background—classical composition—lo-fi hip hop is something the artist loves.

Where Linearwave lives, the environment tends to be restricting. Once somebody is defined a certain way, they must stay within the confines of that box. Any sign of stepping out often leads to judgment; this was another reason for the choice to remain anonymous—to break free from any imposed definition. Only a select number of friends know the musician’s real name.

Last November, the GSS artist put out a new EP, entitled “Music for Summer Days”—a funky chillhop collection of music evoking melancholy and nostalgia. Containing only original samples, the EP brings to mind younger days, when everything felt right or, at least, as close as possible to happiness.

The opener, “Coffee and Rain,” sinks listeners into a place of setting pastel skies; a place with peace of mind. Nothing else matters here but life in its most natural state. Those two things—coffee and rain—are just some of the purest things to exist. At the edges of the piece, lying in the undertones, looms the inevitable despondency that comes only in retrospection.

In a slight turn of events, hope arrives when the instrumental “Sunshine” begins. There now exists contentment, even from the perspective of the present. This continues throughout “Bedroom Dust,” slowly evolving into a deeper form of understanding, until we are finally graced with the last piece, “Late Summer”—a culmination of the emotional wisdom acquired from the short but meaningful sonic journey.

Just months before, Linearwave released their debut EP, “Session #1,” both digitally and on cassette. Similar to its successor, the sounds on this bring about a beat-and-feel-driven range of emotions, all while keeping things powerfully subtle.

The theme here is quite different, seeming to focus, this time, on the now. Getting lost in oneself combined with physical exploration of unfamiliar territory makes for a certain kind of contentment. Personal thoughts combine with those from around—a nearby crowd, a message from a friend; the media noise. It’s almost as if the two cancel each other out, making way for satisfaction at just being.

Even from the cover art alone—a foreign language, a need for translation; a hazy, introspective filter—the listener is already introduced into this calming experience.

Releases from Linearwave are always something to look forward to. Every album is a concept, defined by a unique touch from years of influence, in all its various forms. The artist has chosen to pursue what they want, regardless of what others might think. What results is a project we’re extremely thrilled by, and you should be, too.


// Purchase “Session #1” tapes here
// Follow Linearwave on Instagram here

~Words by Kurvine Anna Chua

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