[LUNAR PRESS] Super Fan 99’s latest compilation is bedroom pop bliss

‘Lunar Press’ is where we write about music not necessarily part of our roster. With a focus on releases put out on tape, this branding also extends to our physical zine series.

Super Fan 99 is a record label from London releasing music mostly on cassette tapes. I’ve been following their roster for a while now, and they’ve got lots to be proud of, with a bunch of hard-to-find gems now up their sleeve (Sofia Songs, anyone?)

Always limited editions, they’ve done releases with amazing acts including Poppies, Free Cake for Every Creature, Cotillon, and Uncle Luc.

Last May 10, the label put out yet another superb collection of songs, a compilation entitled Super Fan Friend Service, available both for streaming and on tape. Being the 52nd in their catalog, this one’s another must-have. The adorable cover art alone is enough to draw in curious listeners, and hey, the music is absolutely top-notch.

From the opener “Jessie” by Boston local Space Mountain, all the way through stunners like Olivia Gold’s “Mind Fire” and Nylon Smile’s “Dust,” these 12 tracks are every bedroom pop fan’s dream come true.

Check out the comp below, and order a tape or two before they run out!


~Words by Kurvine Anna Chua

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