[LUNAR PRESS] Revisiting if i die in mississippi’s ‘holographic heartache’

‘Lunar Press’ is where we write about music not necessarily part of our roster. With a focus on releases put out on tape, this branding also extends to our physical zine series.

Today we revisit if i die in mississippi’s holographic heartache, an album that never fails to bring us joy in the most melancholic ways possible. Bedroom pop on the outside and ambient in spirit, this is one of those unique works emanating with pure artistry and truthfulness.

Released by Slovakian label Z Tapes in January 2018, this was a perfect introduction to a tumultuous year of stifling confusion, fresh opportunities, and endless adventure. Experience all that captured in one album, best enjoyed on the now sold out transparent green cassette.

The ten tracks flow into each other so well, you don’t even notice they’re separated. Everything, including the dreamy artwork, was done by the insanely talented American musician Jenny Mignon. Soft vocals wax and wane, beautifully drenched by walls of sound bordering on Slowdive-esque shoegaze and even the occasional hip-hop influence.

The album opens with “no chill,” a preparation for the changing of the seasons. Everything that follows is up to you, your memories, and what these sounds unlock from them. We invite you to check this out as soon as you can; to this day, this album remains one of our most played tapes.


~Words by Kurvine Anna Chua

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