Listen: killuv releases intimate new single from upcoming EP

We’re totally stunned by this amazing new track from Sacramento-based bedroom musician Angel, who goes by the project name killuv—it’s called “libra moon,” and it’s from an upcoming EP entitled chase luv.

Produced by Austie A. with a kaleidoscopic video by Cristal Trujillo, the song was born of an “intimate experience with [the artist’s self], reflecting on [their] most vulnerable moments.”

From the imagery of pink hearts to skulls to fallen angels, the piece encapsulates the essence of killuv. The artist penned the lyrics on the spot after their producer crafted the beat—the collab had been waiting over a year to happen.

“The writing was inspired by the nostalgic feelings of being in a relationship with someone who lives far away . . . while also knowing they’d do anything to be with you,” shares Angel.

Support killuv by sharing this video with your friends. You can also purchase cassette tapes of their previous releases here.

Don’t forget to follow the artist’s social media pages:
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~Words by Kurvine Anna Chua

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