Bedroom pop musician Eliza Marie to release cassettes with the GSS this year—read our interview here

Now’s the time to listen to bedroom musician Eliza Marie. Her infectious brand of lo-fi will go places, no doubt. Currently a psych undergrad, this 20-year-old talent based in the Philippines is creating some of the most promising tunes we’ve heard this year.

Similar in style to artists like Beauty Queen and killuv, Eliza released her debut full-length—All My Angels—just last March. Shortly before that, only singles (and an EP) were available on her Bandcamp page, but from those alone, we immediately knew we had to work with her.

So, this September 24, watch out for the limited edition cassettes of All My Angels, which we at the Genjitsu Stargazing Society will be putting out! Pre-orders to be announced soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

To get the excitement going, we did an interview with the musician~

Hi, Eliza! How are you doing?

“The world is crazy out there with everything going on, but I’m doing pretty good staying at home (and washing my hands!) Hope you’re staying safe!”

Congrats on the full-length you released last March! Can you tell us about it?

“That was actually the first album I ever made! It includes some songs created with no intention of being serious. But my love for crafting music just kept growing and growing, and I knew I had to make more singles. Eventually, it became an album. It took a little over six months of writer’s block and just plain college life to finally complete it, and it’s so special to me because it taught me you can create a whole project by yourself in your room.”

Where does the album title All My Angels come from?

All My Angels kind of alludes to my personal interest in anything spiritual. Some might roll their eyes at that, but I do like to think I have my own angels. It’s become such a huge part of me, I had to include it in some way in my music. The phrase is also a lyric from ‘I Wonder’!”

Who would you say are some of your biggest musical influences?

“Oh my goodness, I have so many. But recently I’ve been in love with Mallrat, Maggie Rogers, and Dayglow—they have sounds you can just get completely lost in. Although Stevie Nicks will be my forever influence!”

Tell us a bit about your music-making process. How does a song usually come about, lyrically and melodically, and what’s your favorite way to record?

“Lyrics or concepts for a song would suddenly pop up in my head, and I save it as a voice note on my phone. I love the idea of making my lyrics sound like a diary, and I try to keep the words super real and relatable. I use Logic Pro and sometimes GarageBand to make the instrumentals, and I would build on that concept. Although most of the time, it’s the other way around, and I would come up with lyrics right after making the instrumentals. This is where the voice notes come in handy, because I can choose what fits with the music. My favorite way of recording is just doing it in the comfort of my room—and it’s the only way I do it!”

Let’s talk about your album art process! How do you usually decide what becomes the cover art for your releases? Do you design them yourself?

“This is actually so funny because I was so ready to release my album, but I had no idea how to make the cover art. For All My Angels, I just asked my mom to take pictures of me. I wanted to showcase the girly aesthetic I keep in my heart, and every cover art is exactly that—with the exception of my first single, ‘Night Song,’ which has a bit of a darker mood than the rest of my single/EP covers.”

Tell us about yourself! What’s the first impression people usually get about you, and how does that relate to who you really are as a person?

“I’m definitely on the shyer side, but I’m growing out of that shell. People see me as very optimistic, and I would agree with that. I am very optimistic, and I try to keep that bright side with me wherever I go. It’s also important for one to stay this way in the music industry—one can never know how much a critique can hurt.”

What do you hope to achieve with your music in the long run?

“First of all, can SXSW just ask me to play a show?!

Second, I just really wanna be proud of what I do as a musician. I dream of traveling and performing in hopes that my music can inspire others. Maybe you’ll catch me headlining in the near future! *fingers crossed* “

What do you want listeners to get from listening to your music?

“I personally admire musicians that speak on such a deep, relatable level. I hope that listeners can feel that way for me too—like they can feel what I’m going through. But, I also have silly songs (mixtape meow meow, hello?!), and I want listeners to not always take themselves too seriously, and just have fun.”

Do you also perform live? Where can fans catch you performing, if ever?

“I am still a fresh little baby in the music world and have not performed live yet, BUT – *whispers* the answer to the second question will come soon.”

Are there any other projects you want us to know about?

“I’m actually in the process of making more music! I want it to sound like the big sister of All My Angels, and I’m working hard to improve my sound. I also hope to come out with more music videos!”

// Follow Eliza Marie’s Bandcamp page here
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~Words by Kurvine Anna Chua

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