New GSS cassettes with Japanese punk band O.U.T

If you haven’t heard of O.U.T, start listening! They are an unfiltered, no-bullshit hardcore punk band from Sapporo, Japan, and they are advocates of LGBTQ+ rights, having supported communities such as the Sapporo Rainbow Pride.

This Pride Month (which should be celebrated forever by the way), we at the Genjitsu Stargazing Society are stoked to be working with O.U.T to release limited edition cassettes, hand-numbered and in only 21 pieces. Entitled “2017 and 2018 Demo,” side A contains five tracks from a 2017 session, while side B contains two from a 2018 one.

Get those cassette decks ready and prepare to blast these songs loud—no doubt you’ll be taken to an intimate show at an underground bar deep within the city.

Purchase your copy here:

Check out how great they are live:

Follow O.U.T’s socials:

~Words by Kurvine Anna Chua

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