The Genjitsu Stargazing Society is a queer-run, queer-focused Philippine-based DIY cassette label + arts hub with a roster of creators who share our philosophy and outlook on life. Fuck your transphobia, homophobia, sexism, and toxic machismo—there’s no place for those here.

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GSS062: O.U.T – 2017 and 2018 Demo [cassette/digital]
GSS061: Valiant Vermin – My Own Skin (Feat. Camino 84) [cassette/digital]
GSS060: catpuke – K.T.M. [cassette/digital]
GSS059: Various Artists – Spirits, Creatures & Other Energies: A 2020 GSS Sampler [digital]
GSS058: Linearwave – Study Girl [cassette/digital]
GSS057: brittleglasscasket – brittleglasscasket (Deluxe) [cassette/digital]
GSS056: Eliza Marie – All My Angels [cassette/digital]
GSS055: savedhistory – distantly speaking in the language of silence [cassette/digital]
GSS054: Sophie Soraya – futile chamber [cassette/digital]
GSS053: Grrl Cloud & Cody and the Jet Skis – Winding Streets (Remix) [digital]
GSS052: The Skeleton Years – Burdens [cassette/digital]
GSS051: Rosedal – Universo Paralelo [cassette/digital]
GSS050: Polar Lows – Hereafter [cassette/digital]
GSS049: Sound Architects – Regenesis [cassette/digital]
GSS048: Megumi Acorda – Unexpectedly [cassette/digital]
GSS047: Various Artists – To the Mountains We Go: A 2019 GSS Sampler [digital]
GSS046: Cody and the Jet Skis – Churchboy [cassette/digital]
GSS045: half-lit – paradigm shift [cassette/digital]
GSS044: zephyr – June the 3rd [cassette/digital]
GSS043: Grrl Cloud – Winding Streets / Voicemail [cassette/digital]
GSS042: bedtime television – as bright as the night [cassette/digital]
GSS041: GYHT – Life Is a Simulation [cassette/digital]
GSS040: killuv – what’s there left to say? [cassette/digital]
GSS039: ~sohee – 低い [cassette/digital]
GSS038: .wendil – Nighttime Fire [cassette/digital]
GSS037: Valiant Vermin – Singles [cassette/digital]

GSS036: Pamcy – Deep Sea Pearls [cassette/digital]
GSS035: Marty McFly – Marty McFly [cassette/digital]
GSS034: TCKLDMNKS – Risk Culture EP [cassette/digital]
GSS033: Empty the Ocean – Empty the Ocean [cassette/digital]
GSS032: Linearwave – Music for Summer Days [cassette/digital]
GSS031: .wendil – Sound Library Vol. 1: Lena and the Seagull [cassette/digital]
GSS030: Cody and the Jet Skis – The Attempt of Understanding Someone [cassette/digital]
GSS029: Ozzga – When You’re Away [cassette/digital]
GSS028: Various Artists – The Universe Is Ours: A 2018 GSS Sampler [digital]
GSS027: Washington Drama Club – Yada Yada Yada [cassette/digital]
GSS026: killuv – self titled ep [cassette/digital]
GSS025: savedhistory – las drogas son (no) buenas para ti [cassette/digital]
GSS024: Linearwave – Session #1 [cassette/digital]
GSS023: youngsleepyboi – hello girlfriend. [cassette/digital]

GSS022: Various Artists – leaving [cassette/digital]
GSS021: TIM ÄWÄ – TIM ÄWÄ [cassette/digital]
GSS020: NA MO – Congratulations (Deluxe) [cassette/digital]
GSS019: The Cohens – Ahh​.​Wow​.​Gets​.​YunNaLang [cassette/digital]
GSS018: joe-chu – the summer turned autumn [cassette/digital]
GSS017: Kino1998 – CLOSER EYES [cassette/digital]
GSS016: Brandon Cueto – Countless Times [cassette/digital]
GSS015: Rosedal – Portal [cassette/digital]
GSS014: agsit – everything will fade [digital]
GSS013: Memoryville – Someday We Will Rule the Universe [cassette/digital]
GSS012: selective hypnosis – goodbye to you and all your friends [digital]
GSS011: selective hypnosis – cult [digital]

GSS010: Kurvine Chua – You Should Know by Now [digital]
GSS009: Kurvine and the Rebellion – I’m Ready (To Love You) [digital]
GSS008: selective hypnosis – don’t care [digital]
GSS007: Kurvine Chua – Panakayon (Official Soundtrack) [digital]
GSS006: Memoryville – Heartbreak City [digital]
GSS005: selective hypnosis – they’ll never control us [digital]
GSS004: Zoë Rosal – No Further [digital]
GSS003: agsit – Buwis (Official Soundtrack) [digital]
GSS002: Memoryville – Demos from Not so Long Ago [digital]
GSS001: The Professional Drowners – Backstabber [digital]